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Projectors make up around 20% of the population, and are the newest energy archetype to exist (we’ve only been around for about 230 years)


The projector type is called this because our aura is focused on the other and extends or projects into other people, that gives the projector superpower of being able to see into others and interact with them on a deep energetic level

You are designed to be seen! You will always be noticed by others, but our societies conditioning typically tells us that “sitting back and waiting” isn’t successful so chances are you have been living life as a Generator or Manifestor who make up around 80% of the world around you.


You are a non-energy type, which means you haven’t got the consistent source of life force energy that other types have, your gift is wisdom about energy and  using your unique soul’s purpose to guide the other archetypes around you (Imagine you are the bird sitting up on the branch of a tree overlooking the herd around you, and you get to choose exactly when you want to flap your wings and fly to another branch to gain clarity to share with others)

Projectors are more interested in other people’s designs than your own, and usually are desperate to tell others what you can see to help them - but your purpose in this life is to guide others by knowing how to ask the right questions and wait for the right energetic moment.


Being recognised by others is the key to unlocking your power and gifts; by allowing others to recognise you and your aura, then be drawn magnetically to you and offer an invitation - this empowers you to work your magic (rather than being out in the world constantly available for others to use your limited energy resources)

One of the key things about learning to live your design is becoming confident to use your authority to know when an invitation is “right” for you which is where self awareness, patience and careful observation become your superpowers to use.



Embrace the “magic of the inbetween”


Lean into recognising YOURSELF every day for your unique gifts, talents and abilities


Permission to REST, REST and MORE REST


Learn how to set strong boundaries (and enforce them)


Give yourself the gift of alone time and space to unwind every day


Understanding your unique energy type is a fundamental baseline as you begin to delve into Human Design. This masterclass is an intensive headfirst dive into what it means to be a Projector and how you can use that to flourish as as your unique, beautiful soul in this lifetime. 


Understanding your Human Design energy type is kind of like receiving your permission slip from the universe to finally be your true self. 



In the Masterclass:


-Masterclass as an audio & visual presentation for those who are visual learners.


-Downloadable audio of the masterclass to listen anywhere.


-PDF of the Masterclass.


-Bonus downloadable guided meditation just for the Projector energy type.


-Bonus Moon Meditation and Journalling Practice for Projectors


-Resources for beginning to understand your undefined, open and defined centres


-Resources on your soul's fears & how you manifest based on your design


Dear Projector, you were MADE for entrepreneurship…


You came here with a special kind of magic, gifts and your trademark Projector wisdom to share - all wrapped in your unique energetic aura!

SO it’s time for you to SHINE as the entrepreneur, creative and visionary you came here to be!


This is a completely free guide to help my fellow Projectors in biz! 




What is Soul Notes? 


This is your Human Design Chart Reading ... delivered in a totally new and upgraded format!


This is where the magic can really happen lovely - understanding YOUR true purpose and design that is uniquely YOU. I am here to be your guide as you take your first steps on this journey...



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